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Binary options integrates assets coming from the foreign exchange market , although they made ​​together differently. And the price is determined by the use of options through instant pricing directly. In spite of the similarity price of assets in each of the standard forex system , binary options , but it is important to differentiate between the two trading.
Only 34: Simplicity
Perhaps the biggest difference between the two is the simplicity of binary options where it can be a successful Forex Trading can be complex , and difficult to reach, for novice traders , but on the other hand , the concepts by binary options trading much easier. Traders do not need to analyze the market trends in the long term to achieve steady profits , where usually binary options expire in the near term . So be determining the direction of the market on the near Aamady enough to predict the outcome usually an option . Furthermore, it does not have to decode the rolling direction of the market only to a certain degree . The rolling option determines based on personal intuition on the direction of the market , or variability, based on the types of multiple choice . And succeeds in rolling to make a profit if the assessment is true . Binary options has gained its name from the fact that the results sandwiched between two possibilities only two ; either end which has a rolling option value, or no value. Has canceled the rest of the choices for the trader , which simplifies the process of decision – resolution Only 34 between only two options . For example : if you select the option of rolling one-touch , the decision takes into account the potential loss of assets , and if the trader believes that the desired price can be reached . In the end, there are only two outcomes ; either that price is reached , or not.
Only 34 Calculated risk
Omar option ends after rolling opens the deal shortly , and risk goes only specified quantity of choice during the open . In the Forex market is , on the contrary , it does not include younger default , so they are forced traders to continue to monitor their portfolio on an ongoing basis in order to adapt to the changing trends . As differ in binary options that provide higher rates of return on investment . Only 34 Offer options the highest returns in the binary options market of up to 90 % ( seesaw ) of winning trades , while the returns on investment in the forex investment really known , but does not specify after the closing of the transaction . Can the dynamic characteristics of the Forex market in general that adversely affect the rolling where there is no way to predict the amount of profit or loss , which will be borne after the closing of the transaction . However, the trader chooses a basic amount for each particular option , and this is the largest loss can be borne , while the amount of profit that give if the option is over the age of a well – known held its value for each before entering the deal . As the amount of risk and reward , known for traders before entering the deal, portfolio management becomes much easier . However , rolling in FOREX standard events and will face the unexpected market movements abound. Since that Forex traders benefit from high levels of influence that they may risking their entire trading .
Only 34 Diverse investment opportunities
Binary options enable investors to diversify their portfolios in a wide variety of assets. And include bonds available for traders : Currency , commodities , and indices , stocks, and more. Market swings can be changed according to many factors, and submit a list of dynamic tools and ample opportunities to make a profit , where traders can benefit from opportunities across multiple markets through a deal one occasion . In addition to this , is proud of the ” X or options ” to receive the portfolios of all sizes . On the basis of the calculated risk rolling , you can buy or sell an option on a variable scale based on rolling and confidence Bnatj the the option when the end – of – life . At times , there is strong evidence to indicate support output option , enabling it to provide a very profitable opportunities . Usually What achieves traders who realize this is a real profit trends may come with much greater risks if they are in the forex market flip – flops badly. Similarly, usually there are times where the market is volatile, and this can cause the frequency to investors regarding entering a transaction , and determine the direction of the market . However, the trader can always be appointed a relatively low amount for an option to limit the risk of the portfolio , as the binary options blends a specific amount when entering the deal. These conditions are ideal for traders of all experience levels , and purses of all sizes .
The new era of investment can traders access to markets across different trading platforms from anywhere on the globe. You can contact the platform options ” Only 34 ” and access to your account at any time , regardless of your place in the world. This is usually a great benefit for our investors where they can monitor the status of their portfolios , and take advantage of unexpected opportunities that can appear at any time. In addition, investors can access their accounts at any time. Trading available for 24 hours a day, 5 days a week . The binary options market dynamics are merging assets coming from the global markets and deposited in a single package suitable for the trader . So traders can contact their accounts at any time, and you open the package . Even in times when you stop trading ( for example : weekends and bank holidays ) , allows to enter a accounts. The options Only 34 always continue to provide its customers with support , information that they need. Our team of senior professionals is always ready to provide support at any time.
No costs for deals
The forex market is based on the assumption that the traders pay a fee on each tool negotiable . All are priced out Bsaran ( supply and demand ) and determines the most appropriate price based on the direction of trading . Are open long longs based on the asking price, and sales transactions based on the offer price. This ensures that earns the broker a fee equal to the difference between these two prices in all transactions. The binary options are used pricing and one length of time. The price is the average price of supply and demand , and acts as an intermediary account to determine the estimated asset prices at any time. And this rolling focuses on pricing and only one instead of two , and also benefit from not upload a fee for transactions.
Moreover , it has risen star of electronic communication networks in the past years . Brokers trading indicators used by variable levels of liquid assets in this type of trading , but of the main disadvantages of trade electronic communication networks use commissions to compensate for the low asset prices . Usually constitute this commission a burden , as they tend to deduction of profit margin portfolio. But on the other hand there is no commission in binary options trading , and traders are forced to pay commissions , or any form of fees , to the broker . These characteristics are what make binary options attractive to many traders . Not a surprise to see that the binary options market is witnessing promising growth in the past years , it is clear that this revolutionary way of trade will continue to swallow the global markets for years to come .

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